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Women Killed by Abortion


DEAD: Michelle Madden (Age: 18)

Michelle Madden, 18, was a college freshman when she became pregnant. Michelle decided to have an abortion after a doctor told her that the drugs she was taking for epilepsy would cause her baby to be deformed. O.B. Evans performed the abortion at the Family Planning Medical Center of Mobile, Ala. Three days after the abortion, Michelle collapsed and had to be taken to the hospital. At the hospital, doctors found a leg bone, two pieces of the baby's skull and some of the placenta inside Michelle's uterus.

Michelle died of a blood infection resulting from the abortion three days after admission to the hospital.

Michelle's parents sued Evans for malpractice. A jury awarded the Maddens $10 million for the loss of their daughter.

The Mobile Press Register, 6/6/91 & 6/19/91


DEAD: Mary Pena (Age: 43)

Mary Pena, a 43 year-old mother of five, died after she underwent a second-trimester abortion at San Vicente Hospital in Los Angeles in December, 1984. When Mary started to bleed severely from the abortion, the surgeon decided to perform a hysterectomy on her. While in recovery from the operations, Mary started to bleed again and went into shock. The surgeon was unable to stop the bleeding, and Mary died on the operating table.

According to the autopsy report, Mary bled to death as a result of a cervical laceration, which she suffered during the abortion. The medical examiner noted that Mary's cervix was cut extensively and that the uterus lining had hemorrhaged. According to the medical examiner, the surgeon had cut out almost a pound of Mary's flesh. The body of Mary's 22-week old baby girl, whose head had been cut off, was also found in Mary's uterus.

Los Angeles County coroner report 84-16016

(Source: Feminists for Life)

Women are injured and killed by abortion more often than you may be aware. Many women who have been injured by abortion -- as well as the families of women who have been killed by abortion -- have won lawsuits and substantial settlements against abortionists. If you or someone you know has been injured (or killed) by abortion, you should get legal help ASAP! Don't let the statute of limitations run out before taking action!

For information about legal help, click here, or call 1-800-U-CAN-SUE.

More Women Exploited!

Young women having abortions are being . . .

    1. Raped,
    2. Sexually assaulted,
    3. Mutilated and
    4. Killed

Following is a review of "Lime 5," the shocking book that exposes the abortion industry like no other. Below you will find several excerpts taken directly from the book that detail the accounts of women who were either raped, sexually assaulted, injured or killed.

Thoroughly researched and documented, "Lime 5" blows the lid off an abortion industry cover-up. The complete title of the book is:

"Lime 5: The Abortion Industry on Trial"

By Mark Crutcher (Paperback, 318 pages. Suggested Retail is $9.95)

Ordering information will follow at the end of this review.

To understand just how horrifying the true stories are that are reported in "Lime 5," please read the following excerpts taken directly from the book:

Sexual Assaults in New York - Page 91 of "Lime 5"

Several patients of [abortionist John Roe 80] claim that he . . . injected them with medication that made them groggy, and then engaged in sexual intercourse with them against their will. One of these women testified that she was rendered physically unable to move but kept crying, "What are you doing?"

(Sources: The University of the State of New York Board of Regents "Disciplinary Proceeding" and Order No. 10761; NY Dept. of Health "Administrative Law Judge's Report" 11/2/89)

Sexual Assaults in Indiana - Page 93 of "Lime 5"

After her June 1, 1983, appointment, [abortionist John Roe 99] gave "Michelle" his home phone number and asked her to call him. Later, he went to her home and told her that his beeper had gone off. She allowed him to use her telephone, and then he wandered off in her house. When she went to find him, Roe 99 was standing naked in a bedroom. He then forcibly raped her knowing that she would not scream for help because her 10-year-old son was asleep in the next room.

(Sources: Indiana Medical Board Disciplinary Action Cause No. 89 MLB 0003; Associated Press 2/9/89; Tyler Morning Telegraph 6/12/91, 6/13/91; Questionable Doctors)

Sexual Assaults in Oregon - Page 87 of "Lime 5"

[Abortionist John Roe 38] was investigated by the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners in 1994, after a 41-year-old woman and her 20-year-old daughter alleged that he tried to sexually stimulate them during examinations in 1990 and 1993. "The Oregonian" reported that 21 additional women contacted them to report similar incidents . . .

(Sources: The Oregonian 9/22/94, 5/27/95, 5/31/95, 6/1/95)

"Margaret's" Death - Page 25 of "Lime 5":

On June 2, 1989, Margaret went . . . to have an abortion performed by [abortionist John Roe 295]. After she was dismissed, she started experiencing pain and bleeding, and called the facility about her symptoms. They did not advise her to seek medical care. Two days later, she sought medical treatment on her own and was told that she had a perforated uterus and retained fetal tissue. A D&C was performed to complete the abortion and, due to infection, a hysterectomy was also necessary. Unfortunately, despite all efforts to save her life, Margaret died of the complications of her abortion, leaving behind her husband and a one-year-old son.

(Source: Richmond City (VA) Circuit Court Case No. LU441; Virginia Death Certificate No. 89-020384)

"Shary's" Death - Page 28 of "Lime 5":

On January 15, 1982, 34-year-old Shary had an abortion performed by [abortionist John Roe 368] . . . in Dallas. During the procedure, she sustained a one-inch tear of her cervix and began to hemorrhage. She died the next day. The clinic where she had her abortion was a member of the National Abortion Federation.

(Source: Texas Autopsy Report No. 0120-82-0057; Texas Death Certificate No. 01316)

"Magdalena's" Death - Page 34 of "Lime 5":

Magdalena, age 23, had an abortion on December 8, 1994, by [abortionist John Roe 209]. During the procedure, Roe 209 said that he knew he had "screwed up" when he had difficulty removing fetal parts, and noticed that he had perforated Magdalena's uterus and removed parts of her bowel.

Because she was bleeding profusely, Roe 209 called a hospital and asked for directions to send Magdalena there by car. He called an ambulance only when instructed to do so by the hospital staff. However, there was a half-hour delay between when the hospital was called and when an ambulance was called, during which Roe 209 performed abortions on other patients.

Upon reaching the abortion clinic, paramedics found Magdalena lying in a pool of blood on the floor in ventricular fibrillation, with no pulse. She had no vital signs upon arrival at the hospital, was unresponsive, and had fixed and dilated pupils. A massive amount of blood was found when she was opened for surgery . . . During surgery, a female fetus, estimated by the surgeons to be of approximately 30 weeks gestation, was removed.

Magdalena did not survive the surgery, and her death was attributed to "complications of the acute pelvic injuries which consisted of lacerations of the lower uterus, vagina, bladder, and colon."

(Sources: San Diego Reader 12/13/94; San Diego Union-Tribune 12/13/94, 12/17/94; Orange County Register 12/15/94; Santa Monica Outlook 12/94; Los Angeles Times 3/21/95 plus several court case numbers referenced in "Lime 5's" endnotes)

"Cheryl's" Abortion Injuries - Page 36 of "Lime 5":

During her abortion, Cheryl, age 22, suffered a three-and-a-half-inch laceration of her uterus and a one-inch laceration of her colon. The next day she was hospitalized with symptoms of these complications and doctors discovered that the head of her fetus had been pushed through the uterine laceration into her abdominal cavity. She required a hysterectomy, a colostomy, and six units of blood.

(Source: New Orleans (LA) civil District Court Case No. 83-3049-A)

Criminal behavior that must be stopped!

These crimes against women are just the tip of the iceberg. "Lime 5" exposes nightmare after nightmare of women injured and killed by abortion.

In addition to the injuries and deaths exposed, there are 33 horrifying stories of women who were sexually assaulted or raped by abortion "doctors."

One more Shocker

In 1992, more than 160 women accused one California abortionist [John Roe 497] of sexually assaulting them. California Deputy Attorney General, Randy Christison, called Roe 497 a predator in a white coat who used his position for his own perverse sexual gratification.

Unfortunately, the state of California was not able to pursue criminal charges against him because the statute of limitations had expired on many of the instances and corroborating evidence was not available in the others. However, the California Medical Board charged him with sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, gross negligence, incompetence, and immorality.

On May 15, 1992, Roe 497 surrendered his California medical license.


"Lime 5" was compiled through records of lawsuits, police records, newspapers articles, death certificates, autopsies, medical examiners' reports, state licensing board documents, articles in peer-reviewed medical journals, as well as insider information, infiltration, and surveillance. This shocking and uncensored expose shows what's really going on inside the abortion industry in America.

When you read "Lime 5," you'll also read evidence showing that an agency within the United States Government is helping to carrying out a massive cover-up of abortion industry disasters. This book shows how it's done, why it's done and who's doing it.

"Lime 5" also shows how "pro-choice" organizations advance their profit-driven political agenda by harboring abortion providers even after they know they are dangerous to women.

And what happens when abortion-injured women seek justice from the civil courts? Most encounter a system that protects the people who injured them. Until you read "Lime 5," it's hard to believe how difficult it is for woman to get justice after they've been injured by abortion.

What readers are saying about "Lime 5"

1) Carol Everett - Former abortion provider and author of "Blood Money" . . .

"I worked in the abortion industry for six years, but until Lime 5 came along, I never fully understood what the abortion battle is really about."

2) Henry Hyde - Member of the United States Congress . . .

" I recently completed reading Lime 5 and can tell you that I remain shocked and angered by the disturbing information it contains. I found much of the data so incredible that if it were not so well documented I would be unable to believe it's true."

3) Tom Roeser - Radio talk show host and Op-Ed columnist for the Chicago Tribune . . .

"Just as Silent Spring by Rachel Carson alerted America to the rape of our environment, Lime 5 calls compelling attention to the flagrantly criminal acts and exploitation of America's women . . . Read it and weep."

4) Colleen Parro - Director, The Republican National Committee for Life . . .

"Lime 5 meticulously documents the vicious abuse and exploitation of women by the abortion industry. It is a must read for every legislator in America."

5) National Review . . .

"Who needs back alleys when you can get the same gore in a Main Street 'reproductive health center?'… (Lime 5) is painfully documented, shocking, fascinating, angering… (it) will shred anyone's complacency on abortion."

6) Phyllis Schlafly - President, Eagle Forum . . .

"Every pro-lifer needs to read Lime 5 to grasp the scope of butchering, raping, and maiming inflicted on women in abortion clinics."

7) Alberta Report . . .

"(Lime 5 is) a devastating examination of the abortion industry . . . a stinging condemnation of 'pro-choice' organizations that put their political agendas ahead of the women they claim to represent."

8) Fr. Frank Pavone - National Director, Priests for Life . . .

"I have spoken in all 50 states of this country on abortion. There is not a place I go where I do not mention Lime 5. Nor is there a resource more urgent for everyone to read. I have taken Lime 5 on my international television shows, I have taken a copy to the White House, and I have taken a copy to Rome where I will work at the central pro-life offices in the Vatican. This book destroys the myth that legal abortion means safe abortion."

9) Deal Hudson - Publisher and Editor, Crisis magazine . . .

"Lime 5 tells the inside story of the abortion industry in this country—its willful neglect of the women who have abortions and the scornful indifference of the doctors who perform them."

10) Fr. Paul Marx - Founder, Human Life International . . .

"After reading Lime 5, I was left wishing that it was all a bad dream, that none of this was happening. Lime 5 is a must read, not only for pro-lifers but for all citizens. It is my prayer that this book will hasten that day abortion becomes not only illegal, but unthinkable."

11) John Gizzi -Political Editor, Human Events magazine

"This book is a must read for anyone in the pro-life community who needs more firepower or for any 'pro-choice' person who needs to have their eyes opened. I will recommend it to any and all of my associates."

12) HLI Reports . . .

"If there are still some 'pro-choicers' who cling to the fiction that the abortion industry is 'safely' pursuing its mission… Lime 5 will come as a shock."

13) Clarke Forsythe - President, Americans United for Life . . .

"Lime 5 documents the fact that, in 1996, the back alley is on Michigan Avenue. I do not know of another book that so thoroughly documents the destructive effects and gorilla conditions of abortion clinics in the United States."

Parental Warning!

Parts of the book, "Lime 5," contain very graphic language when quoting abortionists and describing crimes they've committed.

Following is part of the author's warning quoted directly from page 9 of Lime 5 ". . . and I want to warn you right now: Lime 5 is not for everyone. The picture we paint is not a pretty one. The reality is, it would have been impossible for us to write this book without discussing subjects and using language that most people will find profoundly offensive. Lime 5 is uncensored and there is no denying that parts of it are totally inappropriate for children or even adults who are sensitive or squeamish. If either of these descriptions fits you, you should strongly consider going no further."

Let the facts be known! Young women are being raped, sexually assaulted, mutilated and killed in abortion clinics while most in the media, the medical establishment and the "pro-choice" community purposely look the other way. You can help stop the exploitation of women and children by the abortion industry by becoming informed and speaking out against these abuses. The first step in becoming more informed is to order "Lime 5."

Here's How To Order "Lime 5"

To order "Lime 5," please send a suggested donation of $14.95 payable to Pro-Life America (That's $9.95 to cover the book, plus $5.00 for UPS shipping and handling) to:

Pro-Life America
Lime 5 - Web Dept.
1840 S. Elena Ave., #103
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Please be sure to include your payment -- along with your name, address and phone number. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Thank you!

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