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Pam Stenzel's DVD
"Sex Has a Price Tag"

Pam Stenzel's amazing chastity DVD exposes shocking 

venereal disease epidemic, and teaches youth

how to stop pressures to have sex . . .

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Pam Stenzel speaks to 20,000 high school and college students each month about sex and sexually transmitted diseases. She has also produced a powerful video/DVD called:  "Sex Has A Price Tag."


Pam Shares Frightening Statistics with Students:

  • Sexually active people are four times more likely to contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD) than to become pregnant.
  • Three million teenagers contract STDs annually.
  • 25 million Americans are infected with the herpes virus.
  • More than 40 percent of sexually active singles are infected with human papillomavirus (HPV), commonly called genital warts.
  • One in every 250 Americans has the AIDS virus.
  • An estimated one in five Americans is infected with a viral STD, a figure that doesn't include bacterial diseases like chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea.

Here are Quotes from Pam on the DVD

Pam tells Her Story . . .

You won't believe what I discovered during the nine years that I counseled girls who came into my pregnancy counseling offices in Chicago and Minneapolis. Most were worried sick about being pregnant. Very few were concerned about the venereal disease epidemic that is sweeping America.

Girls would come to my office and say: "Pam, if I had known this was going to happen to me, I would have made a different choice. But no one told me." I began to ask these girls: "What could we have told you? What could someone have shared with you, before you made your choice?" 

After all those years I realized there are a lot of students making decisions about sex who have no idea what the consequences of their decisions will be. I am writing this so that none of you will ever again be able to say to a physician, a counselor, or to your future husband or wife: "Nobody told me. I didn't know."

Girls Hope They're Off The Hook

Most teens who are having sex are afraid of getting pregnant. Girls come into my office for pregnancy testing, and when I tell a girl her test is negative, she gets a look of relief over her face, as though to say: "I'm off the hook. I'm not pregnant. Let me out of your office." 

Wait a minute! Have you been tested for syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, chlamydia, trichinoma, vulvadema, urethritis, hepatitis B, HPV or HIV? You have a four times greater chance of contracting a sexually-transmitted disease than you do of becoming pregnant.

For nine years I've also had to tell hundreds of girls their tests were positive -- "You're pregnant." Immediately they want an easy, painless way out. I have to look at them and say: "Sorry. Your choices at this point are bad, terrible, and worse. You had a good choice before you chose to have sex. Now all of your choices are going to carry painful lifelong consequences."

Abortion, Anorexia, Bulimia, Suicide

 There is no easy way out of pregnancy. Abortion is painful, destructive, and devastating. More than 80 percent of the women in our country who've had an abortion say that if they could go back, they would have chosen something different. 

Abortion isn't like going to the dentist and having a tooth pulled. I have counseled with hundreds of women -- five, ten, fifteen years after they had an abortion, who are still hurting physically, psychologically, and above all, spiritually. I've counseled teenagers with anorexia, bulimia, and depression -- including many who have attempted suicide because they had an abortion.

Parenting a child isn't an easy choice either. Eight out of ten single teenage girls who choose to parent their children will live below the poverty level for at least ten years. Most stay there the rest of their lives. Nine out of ten will never attend college. These are girls who had goals, plans, things they might have liked to do with their lives after high school that they didn't get the chance to do because of their rash choice to have sex.

Guys Pay Dearly Too

Guys are also facing very serious consequences for having sex outside of marriage. Lawmakers are now holding young men in this country responsible for having sex and getting a girl pregnant. 

The fact is, guys, it can cost you tens of thousands of dollars over the next eighteen years. The state you live in has the legal right to take away a sizeable portion of your pay from your job to support the child you fathered. If you're not yet working, you'll go into debt.

A young man I know who got a girl pregnant in Minnesota is being required by the State to pay $350 a month to support his little girl. That's based on his current income working at Burger King. 

"I made a decision one night after drinking," he said, "that I never would have made if I had been sober. And I will pay for that decision for the rest of my life." This is a very serious responsibility, young men. You need to think about that before you have sex, because after having sex, it's too late.

Venereal Disease Epidemic

Today, in the next 24 hours, 12,000 teenagers will contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD). And that's just teenagers. Looking at the entire population, there are about 50,000 people each day in our country who contract a sexually transmitted disease. 

Yesterday, 12,000 of them were teenagers who got up in the morning like some of you reading this, and said: "It's not going to happen to me. That happens in big cities, but not where I live." Wrong!

Chlamydia Sterilizes

In the 1950s there were only five sexually transmitted diseases that were known and treated. Today there are more than fifty types of STDs. Chlamydia is the number one STD among teens today. There are about 4,000 teenagers every day who contract chlamydia. This is a bacteria, not a virus.

Unlike some venereal diseases, it can be cured. But more than 80 percent of the students who contract this disease do not realize they have it. If you contract chlamydia once in your life, you have a 25 percent chance of being sterile the rest of you life. If you get this disease more than once, the chances are much greater that you will never be able to have children.

Outstanding Senior Guys

At first, abstinence may sound negative, but it's a very positive choice that brings you freedom and peace of mind. Here's a good example . . . Five senior guys at a high school in Orlando, Florida, bought full-page ad in their yearbook. They put pictures of themselves with their prom dates in the ad. 

The headline reads: "True Love Waits" and goes on to say, "we are making a statement to our fellow classmates that we will never abuse women, use them for sport and dump them. We are choosing to save sex for our wives."

Sex is not a game. But if you treat it like a game, it can have very harmful, long-term consequences. Sex was meant to be more than just a biological act. God meant sex to be a one-flesh experience -- the bonding of two people physically, emotionally, and spiritually for life. When you abuse sex it doesn't just damage your body, it damages you, and it damages your partner.

Order Pam's Dynamic DVD

Pam has a dynamic DVD of her eye-opening Sex Has A Price Tag presentation. Her message is compelling and unforgetable. Every high school and college student should see this video. It's one of the best tools available to help kids save sex for marriage.

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