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Noelia Garcia

French Model Defends Human Rights in Europe

Noelia Garcia, the glamorous French model whose clients have included top names such as L'Oreal and Air France, is an active member of the French pro-life group Le Treve de Dieu (God's Reprieve).

Noelia found that models she knew were frequently pressured by their agencies to have abortions and she was appalled by it.

"Modeling uses women as objects," Noelia said. "I was surrounded by other models having abortions and became disgusted by it."

She relates that her conversion to the pro-life movement was largely due to her experience in the modeling world. Disgusted that so many of her fellow models were having abortions, Noelia began working and demonstrating with human rights advocates to educate women about the destructive consequences of abortion. Seeing broken women firsthand and knowing what abortion does to babies, Noelia knew she had to take action -- to do something to warn women and defend their preborn babies. Realizing abortion was a terrible choice for women, Noelia was determined to make a difference . . .

"I have used my body and my face to sell products," Noelia says, "now I am using them to protect unborn children against the consumer society that chucks away babies it does not want."

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