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Miss California


Kimberly Gloudemans

Age: 17

(Birthday: January 18, 1981)

Kimberly recently sent Pro-Life America her thoughts on saving sex for marriage.

She says, "Virginity is a gift I can only give once."

Kimberly also talks about teen pregnancy, abortion and rising above "Generation X" stereotypes. Here are highlights from Kimberly's statements:

On Saving Sex for Marriage:

"I am saving sex for marriage because I know God has great things destined for me. And I don't want to let premarital sex, STD's or anything else stop me from reaching those great things."

"The best reason for saving sex for marriage is because my future husband and I are worth it. Virginity is a gift I can only give once. It can't be bought or earned. By saving this gift for marriage, I am saying, 'My whole life I have been commited to one. You are that one.'"

"I avoid pressures to have sex by staying away from tempting situations. I DO NOT 'just hang out' at a 'guy' friends house alone, I DO NOT park the car at the beach. And I DO NOT go to parties with drugs and alcohol that can cloud my decision-making!"

"I think many girls who are having pre-marital sex are looking for the love and attention they don't always get at home, but desperately need."

"If a friend was afraid of losing her boyfriend because she wanted to say 'No' to sex, I would tell her that a boyfriend who wasn't willing to support her moral stand isn't the boyfriend for her in the first place."

On Abortion:

"If I found out a friend was planning to have an abortion tomorrow, I would tell her that I was worried about her safety. Believe it or not, like sex, abortion isn't just physical. It is very emotional and spiritual. Not only can it do a 'number' on her body, but it can also hurt her in other ways too."

On A Different Generation X:

"It's been echoed to teens over and over again - - we are 'Generation X' - - we have no morals, no dreams and no future. But I know I am not a part of that same generation. In fact, millions of teenagers are finding out the same thing about themselves. We decided to rise above the constant stereotyping. We have morals and are standing up for what we believe in. We are setting goals and we are achieving them. I strongly believe we are 'Generation X-cellence.'"

On True Happiness:

"Happiness is always having the comfort of knowing someone will love me unconditionally despite how I look, what I believe or what I can give them. They will love me for me."

Kimberly's Newsletter

Kimberly is the founder of the T.A.P.S. Foundation (Teens Against Premarital Sex) and she publishes an excellent quarterly newsletter called "New Generation."

To get a free copy of Kimberly's TAPS newsletter, you can email a request to her at: [email protected]

You can also send regular mail to Kimberly at:

Kimberly Gloudemans
T.A.P.S. Foundation
4058 W. Avenue L.
Quartz Hill, CA 93534

Here are two articles from one of Kimberly's previous newsletters:

1) Who are we?

Since 1965, teen pregnancy has increased over 400%. More than 400,000 teens have abortions each year. And about 25% of people between 15-55 have a sexually transmitted disease. These statistics and more are what America's teens are facing on a daily basis. Instead of promoting "safer" sex or "doing your own thing," the T.A.P.S. Foundation (Teens Against Premarital Sex) takes a different approach. In our quarterly newsletter, New Generation, we keep teens aware of the dangers hidden in premarital sex, condoms, peer-pressure and more!

Not only was the T.A.P.S. Foundation founded by a teen, but every committee member and volunteer is between 13 and 19. We believe in today's teens and morality. After all, both go hand in hand. We say, "Look, it's okay to set morals and goals in life and it's okay not to let things like premarital sex get in the way of achieving them!" The T.A.P.S. Foundation is an outreach ministry of the Quartz Hill Foursquare Church!

2) Opening the Doors

By Kimberly Gloudemans

If you're a pregnant teen, life can seem frightening, insecure and full of anxiety, especially if it remains a secret. Although these emotions are understandable, you don't have to spend the next nine months in fear. The cure is only as far away as you parents or youth pastor. You need to tell someone. By speaking up, you're opening the doors to healing, coping and forgiveness.

Telling your parents is difficult but not impossible. Whether it be now or months down the road, you're parents will eventually discover your pregnancy. It's better to give them time to cope and sort out their thoughts. Sit them both down or talk to them one at a time. Try speaking to them from the heart, maybe saying, "Mom and Dad, I love you unconditionally, despite the situation." Your parents long to help you, all you need to do is ask.

If you genuinely feel your parents will "kill you," try talking to your church youth pastor. He or she will offer support, prayer, and often times, pastoral counseling. They, too, can help break the news to your parents. Above all, they'll give you friendship and understanding in a time you need it the most.

As a pregnant teen, you don't have to feel "locked" in a world that doesn't understand. You have the "key" and the ability to "open the doors." Behind them, you'll find the support and love you need and long for!

About the author . . . During 1995, Kimberly Gloudemans completed a training course at the Antelope Valley Pregnancy Counseling Center to help her reach out to teens faced with crisis pregnancies.

Past, Present and Future

School: Attended landmark Christian School.

Career Ambition: I plan to become a veterinarian, specializing in small animals.

Talents/Special Training: Four years of private vocal instruction, public speaking, basic video presentation, dance and modeling.

Achieves/Awards/Honors: Honor roll; received letters for volleyball and basketball; received the Presidential Academic Fitness Award; editor of school newspaper; founder of the TAPS Foundation; the youngest volunteer at the Antelope Valley Pregnancy Counseling Center.

Charitable Involvements: Founder and CEO of the TAPS Foundation, also known as Teens Against Premarital Sex; Volunteers at the Antelope Valley Pregnancy Counseling Center.

What's Hot - Kimberly's Favorites!!!

Favorite Recording Group: Supertones.

Favorite Movie: "Mr. Holland's Opus."

Favorite Book or Author: "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom.

Favorite Sport: Volleyball.

Person I'd Most Like to Interview: President Clinton.

Personal Note: The most unusual thing about me is that one month after winning MISS CALIFORNIA TEEN USA I fell in front of my doctor's office breaking my nose and front teeth.

Editors note: Please write Kimberly for a free copy of her newsletter and send her an encouraging note to let her know you appreciate her efforts. She's working hard to bring happiness to others. She's truly a blessing! Her address is:

Kimberly Gloudemans
T.A.P.S. Foundation
4058 W. Avenue L.
Quartz Hill, CA 93534

Email directly to Kimberly at: [email protected]

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