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Washington Redskins'

Darrell Green

Works to Help Youth

If you're a football fan, you've probably heard or read about Darrell Green before. He's the very fast and talented cornerback for the Washington Redskins. For a time, he was known to be the fastest man in the NFL.

In June of 1988, Darrell Green formed the Darrell Green Youth Life Foundation to serve youth in the inner-city through social services, civic and moral leadership, special events and the Darrell Green Learning Center.

In his efforts to help youth, Darrell speaks about important issues like Sex, Abortion and living a Virtuous Lifestyle. Here's what Darrell has to say . . .

Darrell on Sex:

The short answer is that 99.9% of young people who have pre-marital sex are having it with someone else's husband or wife, meaning they probably will not marry that person.

One of the major attributes of our world is the breakdown of the family and a lack of commitment to one spouse, which is the biblical principle. Young people need to follow God's plan for marriage -- one man married to one woman -- the husband loves his wife and the wife submits to the husband. As it's stated in Genesis, through the office of marriage, a husband and wife should also be fruitful and multiply. If we will duplicate that principle, our society will be changed. Every household is responsible.

Darrell on Abortion:

The most simple answer is to look in the mirror. If you appreciate your life and the opportunity you've been given to live, you should reciprocate that to any child in your womb. Carry that child [to full term] just as your mother carried you.

Darrell on Virtuous Living:

Simply put, something that's pure is always stronger than something that has artificial influences. Every young person wants to have fun in life. But the best way to have fun is to live a pure life and not have contaminates. Live by the Bible and adhere to the word of God. When we do that, it takes out the guess work.

People want to live successful and enjoy life. That can be accomplished by pure living in accordance with scripture.

You can contact Darrell Green's Youth Life Foundation on the internet at http://www.dgylf.com or by writing:

The Darrell Green Youth Life Foundation

1713 Benning Road, NE, Suite 45

Washington DC 20002

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