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"Butterfly Kisses"

Bob Carlisle and his

daughter Brooke

for whom the song

"Butterfly Kisses" was written.

Bob Carlisle is the singer and songwriter of "Butterfly Kisses" -- the #1 album on the pop music charts in the summer of 1997. The album went double platinum by selling over two million copies.

Bob loves his daughter Brooke very much -- and "Butterfly Kisses" tells how his love for her grew over the years -- especially as he realized she had grown into a woman and she was about to leave home soon.

Here are sample lyrics:

Oh, with all that I've done wrong,

I must have done something right

To deserve a hug every morning,

And butterfly kisses at night

Bob wrote the song late one night after rummaging through old photos in his home office. He realized that with her 16th birthday coming soon, they wouldn't be living in the same house together many more years.

"I just came unglued," he says, "and the song poured out of me. I wrote it out of my heart."

His daughter, Brooke, carried the cassette in her pocket and "wore it like a badge," according to her father, frequently playing it for friends and family.

"It was her song," Bob says. "It was the best way I knew how to express intimately how I felt about her. It wasn't written to be on my record or anything."

On Sex and Abortion . . .

As loving fathers do, Bob keeps an eye out for what's best for his daughter -- and he had the following to say about two very important issues that affect young women:

"Saving sex for marriage gives more meaning to marriage. It is the way to experience real love and intimacy."

"Abortion is an act of desperation. It's an awful solution to a situation that God can work out for good through adoption."

Fathers can learn a great deal from Bob's example and his wise words. May he be an inspiration to us all.

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