The Joys of True Love
First comes love, then comes marriage . . .
Important tips on dating, sex, love and life! (WWJD)

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Finding True Love . . .

Do you want to have a great relationship and lasting love? Do you want a wonderful, life-long marriage? If so, it's important to begin preparing yourself right now. Start by developing friendships with people who have high moral standards; people who won't ask you to compromise your values. Make friends with kind, charitable, virtuous people. The kind of people you can trust and depend on. These friends will be there to support you when you need them and they'll inspire you to make great achievements in life. You'll know you've met someone like this because they almost always show they really care about others in both word and deed.

Making the right choices about relationships, dating, love and life, is also about practicing the Golden Rule in everything you say and do; "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Unfortunately, it's hard to find good role models for relationships today. Why? Because so many people are confused about how to find true love. Many think sex is love, or that engaging in sex will bring them love. Some think that having sex automatically proves their love. If any of this were true, why would so many marriages -- and affairs for that matter -- end in painful, broken relationships?

Statistics show that about half the marriages end in divorce today. Why? Because loving relationships are based on much more than a good sex life -- and sex doesn't equal love. The marital act can be a sign of devout, pure love, but the mere act does not always guarantee love. Sometimes people will even lie and say, "I love you," just to have their way.

Looking at many of our society's leaders -- even in the White House -- you would think it's okay to have sex with someone to whom you're not married.

Sex before marriage (fornication) and sex outside of marriage (adultery) are promoted non-stop on TV, radio and billboards . . . in movies, newspapers, songs, books and magazines.

Millions of people spend hours each week "entertaining" themselves with:


And where does this lead a culture? People are filling their minds with sexual images and lusty stories everyday. Sexual images and inuendos are used just about everywhere to "entertain" and sell products.

What do you think? Is the true meaning of love degraded and lost when producers, publishers and marketers exploit our sex drive (or our desire for a loving relationship) so they can make larger profits and have bigger audiences?

What happens to a society when sex is portrayed as a "recreational hobby?" What happens when people start seeing and using each other as sex objects?

Not only is it un-cool to use people for sex, but there are serious consequences when sex is separated from the totally committed love that married couples pledge when they say, "Until death do us part."

The consequences? Teen pregnancy, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases and broken hearts have climbed to epidemic levels. Today in the United States, 1 in 5 Americans has a sexually transmitted disease. And now, America's "sex culture" is growing even faster as more people are becoming addicted to pornography via cable TV, videos and the internet.

Everywhere we look, sex outside of marriage is promoted as fun and part of "loving" relationships.

But that's not what true love is all about. Real happiness and lasting relationships are about committed love and a willingness to sacrifice for others.

This site offers hundreds of links to help you. If you want to find true love, if you want to meet Mr. or Miss Right, start by making sure that you have what it takes to be a great future spouse. That means working hard to become the most virtuous person you possibly can. If you're virtuous, you'll be happier and you'll attract virtuous people.

How do you become virtuous? Spend time studying virtuous people. Read the lives of the Saints. Read the Book of Virtues by William Bennett. Practice virtue in every area of your life.

Become kind, thoughtful, generous, patient, disciplined, perservering. Learn to love unconditionally. Learn to forgive. Empathize with others. Listen more. Practice humility. Criticize less.

Then, study what's worked and what's failed for other couples. For starters, we recommed bookmarking this page and making a commitment to come back and read the information on our site -- and the others we've researched and linked here for you. To find Mr. or Miss Right, you need to know where and what to look for. The articles, interviews and personal stories that we've provided should help you begin the search for a great spouse!

Remember, with relationships, making the right choices takes courage and strength. Doing what's right is often difficult, but it builds character and virtue. That's what HEROES are made of. You can do it! Don't think you have to follow the "pack" and have sex before marriage. You don't!

Don't think you have to choose abortion if you have an unplanned pregnancy. You don't!

Be different. Be a leader. Make decisions you'll be proud of -- decisions that develop strong character and self-esteem. Making the right choices will bring you the HAPPINESS, CONFIDENCE and FRIENDS you truly desire. Best of all, you'll begin to understand and experience the real, long-lasting peace and joy that only TRUE LOVE brings. If you want to find the love of your life, start preparing yourself right now. And when you start looking, look for him or her in the right places -- not at wild parties or the bars. One of the best things you can do is to get involved with charitable work at your church. Start spending time each week helping people in need. Even if it's only one hour each week, it will be very fulfilling and you're bound to meet thoughtful, kind, generous people.

And before you begin to date anyone, make a commitment to yourself that you're going to save sex for marriage and remain pure in your relationship. After reading and hearing about the painful failures of the sexual revolution of the 60's, you may want to join the New "Save Sex" Revolution of the 90's -- which according to Anne Taylor Fleming (Vogue Magazine) is led by an avant garde group of teens that are "smart, sassy and hip."

You can save sex for marriage and still be cool. Today, it's becoming "politically correct" to save sex for that meaningful, emotionally fulfilling -- in essence, the ultimate -- lifetime sexual partner that you'll marry. We hope you'll join the new "Save Sex" Revolution that's spreading across America. We also hope our site inspires you to become the very best person possible so you're prepared for that day when you meet Mr. or Miss Right.

Virgins find TRUE LOVE: When Keith and Tami Kiser got married, they were both virgins. They say that saving sex for marriage was difficult at times, but it was worth the wait. They've written a book called, "The Incredible Gift! The Truth About Love and Sex" to help couples find true love. Click the link to see their photo and read what happened before this young couple got married.

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