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Answers to the "Chastity Questionnaire"

By David Shipps

David Shipps with his girlfriend Leigh-Ann

"True love is when you genuinely desire to make the person you are with happy without regard to your own wants and desires."

"I know it’s true love when I have an overwhelming sense of peace and contentment when I merely think of this person. I do not even have to be with her or talking to her to be perfectly happy being her boyfriend."

"I’m saving sex for marriage because God commands it and because sex was designed by God for marriage. Taken out of the marriage context, sex is not as special and you miss so much of what it was designed for."

"The best reasons for saving sex for marriage are that my virginity is the one gift that I have never given anyone and on my honeymoon night I can give my gift to the one person I will be with forever."

"The toughest temptation to have pre-marital sex is that the desire is there and it is difficult to think towards the future and now that something I do now one night can ruin the special time on my honeymoon night."

I avoid pressures to have sex by not only dating a Godly woman who does a wonderful job of not tempting but also keeping us out of environments in which it would be difficult to stay controlled. I also vocalize my struggles with my girlfriend so that she knows what tempts me and what she can do to help us both remain in control."

‘When a girl wears sexy clothes, she thinks that she is good-looking and by exposing her body she will be able to get the attention she desires. She wants guys to notice her."

"When guys see girls wearing revealing clothes, guys think very little about her or her personality but merely that she has something physical that they strongly desire."

"I think many girls who are having pre-marital sex are looking for love and attention and a feeling of acceptance by someone. They trade sex for "love" but will soon be disappointed."

"I think many guys who are having pre-marital sex are looking for the thrill of sex and the need to fulfill their sexual desires. They want an outlet to experience those things they see on television and in movies. Love often does not matter and they will often say they love the girl or whatever is necessary in order to get their sexual desires."

"The best way to say "No" to sexual advances is to remember what God’s word says and to decide long before you are ever in the situation that you will not engage in pre-marital sex."

"If a friend was afraid of losing her boyfriend because she wanted to say ‘No’ to sex, I would tell her that if he would leave her because she wanted to adhere to God’s standards, then he is not the kind of guy that she deserves to be with anyway."

"If a friend has had sex, but now wanted to practice abstinence, I would encourage him/her by telling them to confess those sins to God, know that He has forgiven them, and decide from this point on that they will follow His guide lines until they are married."

"The qualities I’m looking for in a wife are best outlined in Proverbs 31. She will be a woman after God’s heart who truly follows Him, knows that she is to support me as a husband, and love me wholly."

"The qualities I look for in a girlfriend are those qualities that through maturing will develop her into a Proverbs 31 woman."

"I can best prepare for marriage and divorce by carefully seeking God in whoever I date and eventually marry, always praying for guidance and His direction. In order to avoid divorce, you must accept that once you marry someone, it is forever. There are no options for getting out. Once you’re married, that person is the "right one" and God is powerful enough to work in the situation and make it work out."

"If I found out a friend was planning to have an abortion tomorrow, I would tell her that her baby was not hers but God’s and He has a plan for that child that is not known to her. She should allow God to shine through in this situation and show He is in control of everything."

"Living a virtuous lifestyle is important because we are to strive to be like Christ in all we do. Our lifestyle not only reflects Christ to others but it will bring us rewards in heaven."

"With regard to dating, love and/or marriage, I would tell a friend to always seek God in relationships. There is one person whom God wants them to marry. Never settle for anything less than God’s best for you."

"When I first met the girl that I am now dating, she had no desire for a boyfriend. Even after a wonderful first date, she make it very clear to me that she felt God wanted her single for the time being. Although I liked her very much, I allowed her to have her space and I did not pressure her. As a result, we were able to do activities together as friends, all the while getting to know each other very well. This went on for 5 months until I finally told her that I had to know if I ever would have a chance to date her exclusively . At that time she felt God leading us to spend one week without talking to each other at all. I agreed, and we spent the week seeking God’s will for us and trusting that He would do what was best with us. That next Sunday after church, we met and she expressed to me that she was ready to date me. That day Sunday March 2, we became a couple. God has blessed us ever since. I am confident saying that our relationship is so strong because we both had a desire to seek His will for our lives, ever since. I am confident saying that our relationship is so strong because we both had a desire to seek His will for our lives, even if that meant giving up the girl I felt so strongly about. We have now been dating over 5 months and every moment has been wonderful. Never settle for anything less than God’s best!"

"Happiness is knowing that you are living completely in God’s will and that He is blessing you in all you do."

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