Planned Parenthood offered FREE abortions
to women traumatized by the Sept. 11 terrorist attack

Pro-Life America responds with newspapers near ground zero...

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Fr. Frank Pavone,
National Advisor to
Pro-Life America &,
declares: Abortion State of Emergency

Students, moms and babies
urgently need your help!
Fr. Frank Pavone's letter
explains the abortion crisis
near ground zero.

From the desk of
Fr. Frank Pavone:

Dear Friend of Young People,

I’m not easily shocked. But I was sickened by what Planned Parenthood of New York City did after terrorists murdered thousands in the World Trade Center.

While churches and non-profit groups rushed spiritual help, medical aid, food and funds to the victims, Planned Parenthood was bringing more death into their lives. It's outrageous, but true:

Right after the terrorist attacks, Planned Parenthood announced that for a limited time, they’d give any woman or girl a FREE ABORTION at Planned Parenthood’s centers in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx!

That’s right, Planned Parenthood’s idea of helping traumatized New Yorkers is to rip their precious babies apart and throw the body parts in the landfill — a horrible sin guaranteed to give suffering moms even more sorrow and anguish!

"Planned Barrenhood" targets Sept. 11 victims

Planned Parenthood is diabolical. They’re highly skilled at tempting people to sin when they’re most vulnerable. That's why they decided to target pregnant women and girls who feel shattered and desperate after the September 11 attack in New York. Planned Parenthood sees these women and their babies as easy prey.

I’m especially worried about the thousands and thousands of young high school and college girls on the New York area’s many campuses. Right now hundreds of them, no doubt, are pregnant and are undergoing powerful temptations and pressures to abort their babies.

Many pregnant girls may be out of a job because of the terrorist attack. Many may have lost their place to live. They may be deeply depressed because they lost loved ones, or even their baby’s father, in the rubble. They may be so traumatized that they can’t function normally. They may be thinking this world is just too evil to bring a child into.

These desperate girls, and their little preborn babies, are ideal targets for Planned Parenthood's abortionists. You can bet that Planned Parenthood and 355 other abortion centers in the states of New York and New Jersey are working shamelessly to lure these high school and college students into aborting their innocent little ones.

Experts predict surge in pregnancies after New York disaster

What’s more, the number of young, single pregnant girls may have increased sharply because of the terrorist attack. Why? Experts say that since the disaster, many traumatized New Yorkers have sought emotional comfort in promiscuous sex. "The impulse to sleep with someone, even a stranger," is widespread after a tragedy, reports the Los Angeles Times (Oct. 1, ’01). It’s "perhaps the most primal post-disaster reaction," and it springs from deep psychological needs to bond with others, to find reassurance, and even to help the human race survive.

"I just wanted random sex," a young New York City woman told the Times. "I wanted a man’s arms around me…I was so frightened. I wanted to feel protected." Another young Manhattan woman said she and her terrified girlfriends "all sort of wanted to be with a man" (she moved in with a male friend). A young New York man said his desire to "procreate" grew so strong after September 11 that he called up several women he knew and slept with them.

"I have heard all kinds of people say, ‘I don’t know why, but I feel like going out and having sex with strangers,’" reports Pepper Schwartz, a sociologist at the University of Washington. She predicts a surge in births about 10 months after September 11.

Fr. Pavone declares abortion "State of Emergency"
on campuses near "ground zero" in New York City

The situation is so serious that I’m declaring an abortion "STATE OF EMERGENCY" on high school and college campuses near "ground zero." Thousands of young women are about to become victims of Planned Parenthood's "abortion machine"!

That's why we urgently need to reach 100,000 high school and college students with on New York area's many campuses, including those in nearby New Jersey.

Our immediate goal is to reach 44,904 Catholic high school students in New York City and 16,629 Catholic high school students just across the Hudson River in Newark, New Jersey.

We also need to save students and babies from abortion at college campuses such as New York University (37,132 students), Columbia College (3,913 students), City College of New York (10,993 students), St. John’s University (18,478 students), Brooklyn College (15,507 students), New Jersey City University (8,301 students), Rutgers University (34,420 students) and others.

We’re focusing on helping New York-area students these next few months, but we know they’re not the only ones being lured into abortions right now.

College students all across America have returned for the fall semester. And unfortunately, many of them are busy dating and partying, often under the influence of alcohol or drugs. As you read this, countless girls are being pressured by their dates to "go all the way."

Sadly, thousands of girls will give in to this pressure. Many of them will conceive little preborn babies. Deceived by Planned Parenthood’s lies and radical feminist propaganda, many will go straight to the nearest "women’s health care center"— the abortion "clinic." This means a horrifying number of young girls’ babies will be killed around the time you and I celebrate Christmas! (God, have mercy!)

Thank God, there is a solution!

Through the grace of God, Pro-Life America has developed a comprehensive pro-life, pro-chastity newspaper called, Designed especially for youth, this life-saving 28-page newspaper has already turned many, many kids away from sexual sins and abortion and toward the truth! is the antidote to Planned Parenthood's lies!

Babies are being saved from abortion and students are choosing chastity thanks to the more than 600,000 copies of already distributed across the country and around the world. Here are some of the reports:

  • After reading our publication, a young woman in Iowa decided to move out of her boyfriend’s home. Not only that, but she showed to her friend, "Judy" and told her why she moved out. "Judy" read and she, too, moved out of her boyfriend’s place immediately!
  • Mary, a mom in North Dakota, reports that " and the Holy Spirit saved my daughter and her baby from abortion…Now her attitude has totally changed. It’s a miracle!"
  • At Georgetown University, "Brianna" says reading gave her infomation she’d never seen in her whole life. She now realizes that the preborn baby is a child, not just a "choice."
  • "A lot of women get abortions because they feel the baby is not a person, but when you see the pictures you realize you have a life in you," comments Katrina, an 18-year-old.

Archbishop, priests, nuns, parents, pro-lifers
say " works!"

MORE good news! Churches, youth groups, high schools, Catholic dioceses, chastity organizations and pro-life groups have discovered, and they're giving copies to thousands of young people.

  • "We were pleased to…distribute more than 100,000 copies of to Catholic households throughout the Archdiocese and to our nearly 17,000 high school students. [] faithfully reflects the meaning and value of chastity, marriage and family, and the protection of all life in a manner that is attractive and appealing to our youth."

--Archbishop Justin Rigali, St. Louis

  • "We wish to express our great appreciation for your wonderful publication,! Our area of New Jersey was greatly affected by the Sept. 11th tragedy. More than ever our young people are hungry for the truth. Your publication carries such important messages, but does so in a youth attractive format. Because of your generosity, we have been able to share the truth and beauty of LIFE and CHASTITY with 1,500 young people. We are very enthusiastic and hope to continue distribution. If possible, we would love to obtain another 1,000 copies."

--Joan Fasanello, Director, Life Choices, Inc., Phillipsburg, New Jersey

  • "I cannot thank you enough for…publishing such a dynamic newspaper for our young people in encouraging chastity. …I am delighted to have such a resource, and rest assured, every one of my students will have a copy."

-- Fr. Paul A. Burke, Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School, Fairburn, GA.

  • "I teach a catechism class of 6th and 7th graders… The class drew the most enthusiastic response of all the classes. …I highly recommend to junior high, high school, college-age students and adults to help spread the truth about the beauty of chastity and married love, and the horrors of abortion."

--Sister Immaculata, O.C.D., Alhambra, California

  • "It is an excellent publication that has proven to be successful among our younger generation."

--Maicha Sloven, Friends for Life, Syracuse, New York

  • "This publication will work miracles in young peoples’ lives. Every college student needs a copy."

--Nora O’Callaghan, Director, Respect Life Office, Archdiocese of Chicago

We’ve even received requests for from priests as far away as Japan and Africa! And thanks to our generous benefactors, we've been able to ship boxes of to them.

When stars talk, kids listen!

It’s no wonder that grabs young people’s attention—and holds it till their minds are changed! You see, it uses "star power," starting right on the front cover.

When college and high school students pick up, it’s almost impossible for them not to be drawn to the famous faces and pro-morality words of celebrities such as Mel Gibson, supermodels and actresses Kim Alexis and Kathy Ireland, pro basketball star A. C. Green, actor Kirk Cameron, Grammy-winning vocalist Rebecca St. James, and more.

Today’s young people are influenced by famous entertainers and professional athletes. Through’s "stars," kids learn that "it’s OK to wait"—in fact, it’s "cool"!

Campuses say, "Send us newspapers"!

Thank God, high schools and colleges in New York and across America have approved for distribution to their students. Just visualize this eye-catching, persuasive newspaper being placed right into the hands of thousands upon thousands more high school and college students in New York City, in nearby New Jersey and in other key places.

It’s absolutely critical that we rush at least 100,000 copies of to the New York City area to help its suffering, desperate young people. We need to put our pro-chastity, pro-life newspaper into the hands of New York-area students immediately. We’ve received the "green light" from many colleges, Catholic high schools, parish youth groups and Newman Centers on college campuses.

Covenant House New York also wants a bulk shipment of to give to homeless, runaway and at-risk teens. Sr. Annelle Fitzpatrick, CSJ, Ph.D., a Covenant House counselor, recently wrote us saying, "Many of these kids have had no spiritual nurturing at all. If we could have bulk copies of a publication like, we would distribute them via Chaplains, Counselors, Resident Advisors, etc."

Kathleen M. Gallagher, Associate Director of Pro-Life Activities for the New York State Catholic Conference, e-mailed us saying she would like Catholic School Superintendents, Diocesan Directors of Religious Education, and Diocesan Directors of Youth Ministry to widely distribute in all eight Catholic dioceses in the state of New York.

We need to reach these students right away! Young people can make life-ruining mistakes when they’re "down and hurting" and under pressure. We need to be there for them right now, when the temptations are strongest!

Please don’t let Planned Parenthood reach our youth before we arm them with the truth. You and I can make a huge difference. This is such a critical time, and we desperately need your help in New York, New Jersey and elsewhere.

I’m convinced God will work miracles through this new tool

God will use to save countless students from indulging in casual sex while on dates…from going on the Pill…and from heading for the abortion mills. It’ll give students persuasive reasons to be modest and chaste—reasons they may never hear anywhere else.

I guarantee you that will save countless babies from abortion, if only we can raise the funds to put these powerful papers into the students’ hands.

That’s why I’m praying you’ll make a sacrifice today for our youth…that you'll dig deep and send the largest possible tax-deductible gift to help this urgent life-saving project.

The Bible says Jesus will reward you just for giving one of His little ones a cup of water. Think how much He’ll repay you when you help save babies’ lives and students’ souls!

Our goal is to give a copy of this baby-saving, life-changing tool to a million more college and high school students this year… including at least 100,000 students near ground zero in the New York City area before Christmas. It’ll cost about 40 cents to reach each student, or $400,000 to reach a million students.

I know that’s a large sum, but I’m confident that generous souls such as you will help us raise the whole amount. I’m praying the funds will come in quickly. The sooner they come in, the sooner we can get into the kids’ hands in New York and elsewhere, and protect them from Planned Parenthood.

Why we must act immediately

We mustn’t delay, because many students will soon face the dreaded abortion decision. They need our help now, not a year from now. So we must act immediately.

We’re depending on you to help us saturate the campuses with this proven, effective new publication. We have no one else to turn to. We need your financial support to meet the abortion "STATE OF EMERGENCY" head-on near ground zero. With your help we can save countless students and babies from abortion by Christmas.

Please consider this question: has God blessed you so much that you could make a heroic sacrifice of $4,000 to enable us to blanket a New York campus such as Brooklyn College with 10,000 copies of Your tax-deductible gift would allow us to insert 10,000 newspapers into the student newspaper there or at another large school.

Or, your gift of $2,000 would enable us to reach 5,000 students with our eye-opening publication on a smaller campus such as St. John's University or College of Staten Island-CUNY. An offering of $1,000 would reach 2,500 students at a small college or a large high school in New York. Would it be possible for you to sacrifice one of those amounts?

We have no source of help but you

Whatever you do, please send something. We’ll be grateful beyond words for a gift in any amount—whether it’s a major gift or a widow’s mite. Besides the larger amounts, we need many, many smaller gifts. They’ll be like little streams that join together to make a mighty river.

Here’s what you can accomplish with a smaller gift: $500 will reach 1,250 students; $300 will reach 750 students; $100 will reach 250 students; $75 will reach 87 students; $50 will reach 125 students; and $35 will reach 87 students.

Remember, Planned Parenthood's three New York City abortion centers and more than 355 other New York/New Jersey abortion facilities are targeting traumatized students and their preborn babies—and that’s not counting the other 48 states! It’s our duty to defend America’s young people and their little ones.

Dear friend, please send whatever you can sacrifice, and please join me in praying for the success of this urgent project. Rest assured that I am lifting up your needs to God every day in my prayers, with all my heart.

Please make your tax-deductible gift payable to Pro-Life America. And thank you for being the best friend that many young people and their babies will ever have.

Gratefully yours for Life,

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Advisor to
Pro-Life America &

P.S. Right this moment, thousands of college and high school students in New York City and across America are being hit with powerful temptations to fornicate and then to abort their precious babies. Please help us save them while there’s still time! Please send your tax-deductible gift immediately.

Sending a generous gift will give you the deep satisfaction of knowing you did your part. Thank you, dear friend, and may God reward you beyond all imagining, in this world and in the next!

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